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What is Functional Training?

People exercise for various reasons. Some want to shed fat; some want to sustain a healthy weight; some want to improve stamina while some might do it just to flaunt a toned body. Whatever be your reasons; does it improve your performance in daily life?

The fact is; working out may make you fit and stronger but you may still have difficulty in performing daily activities. What you need is some life-improving workouts and that is exactly what functional training offers.

All about Functional Fitness Training 

Explained simply, it is a type of exercise that trains your body for different everyday activities that you perform in your daily life. Surprised? Yes, you do need to make your body go through the drill if you want to avoid injury performing simple chores like lifting or climbing stairs.

Your body loses its flexibility and suppleness as you age (or maybe due to some injury) and you may find it difficult to perform everyday tasks smoothly. Even adolescents may need a few sessions of this workout to develop a correct posture and a straight spine.

There are many ways you can perform functional fitness training, my favourite is with kettlebells. Kettlebell training is extremely effective at burning fat and building lean muscle.

Studies show it’s 10 x more effective than standard cardio training in your local gym. There are many kettlebell instructor certifications that teach personal trainers how to train their clients with this great tool, I recommend the Functional Fitness Academy.

In fact, there are several benefits of undergoing this type of training and more and more people are checking it out.

FFA kettlebell instructor
FFA kettlebell instructor

How it Works 

Fundamentally, this type of training simply imitates what you do throughout the day and focuses on improving them so as to give you a better experience.

For example; if you are sitting at your office desk throughout the day; functional training will include workouts to correct your posture; straighten your spine and strengthen the muscles involved. This helps you to avoid backaches or shoulder aches which are commonly associated with sitting at once place for hours.

As explained; you go through a gamut of movements throughout the day that involves muscles in your entire body. So the focus of this type of training is always on all the muscles involved rather than specific muscle groups or body zones. Doing these workouts regularly will improve your entire range of motions such as walking, running, jumping, lifting, pulling, pushing, bending, turning, climbing, lunging and so on.

Who is it For

Everybody should do some type of functional fitness training so that everyday chores do not become hazardous. Even then, there are people with specific conditions who can derive more benefit from such type of training.

Trainers typically recommend this training to pregnant women as they cannot do just any type of workouts such as crunch or planks. However, such women would still want to strengthen their leg muscles and glutes so as to move around comfortably with that additional weight. Flexibility of feet and ankles is also important as these tend to swell. This type of training is ideal for such women as it mimics their real-life movements so as to improve their strength and comfort.

For those recovering from injuries, functional fitness can expedite the rehab process. Through this training, you can once again learn how to use your injured zone optimally.

Athletes too can benefit immensely as they can learn how to perfect their moves for best impact. The training focuses on repetitive motions to enhance performance and confidence.

Workout Techniques in Your Regime besides what Your Trainer Teaches

A personal trainer is one of the best kinds of professional in the fitness industry. However not all trainers have the same level of competence and it is up to your judgement to understand whether the techniques your trainer is teaching you are sufficient or not. There are a lot of factors you should consider before you make this decision.

Are you working out hard enough?

If you are on a goal oriented group outdoor fitness sydney workout programme then the pace of your exercises should be pretty intense. This is especially true if you are aiming for weight loss. When you are on an ideal workout regime which consists of cardio vascular exercises, strength training and interval training you should be exercising all your muscles.

You must be thinking “how will I understand whether or not I am working out hard enough?” When you work out hard your muscles develop small tears. You will feel a little soreness but if you rest awhile your muscles will bounce back stronger and firmer. A personal training Sydney Park should make you workout hard enough and if you are unable to detect signs of post workout exhaustion in your body then you should think of supplementing your regime.

You might think that tears are bad for your health but actually minor muscle tears promote growth of musculature and boosts the metabolism.  No soreness indicates that you are not working out hard enough with personal fitness trainers in Sydney Park.

Exercise to bring up your heart rate

You have to exercise hard enough to bring up your heart beat to the optimum zone. You should try using a heart rate monitor to monitor your heart rate. Exercise at a pace at which your body begins producing lactic acid and begins to go into an oxygen debt. This phase signifies optimum functioning of the metabolic system. Ask your Sydney Park personal trainer to set the pace of your exercise so that at least 50% of your cardio workout exercises are done in this zone.

personal trainer sydney park
Personal Training in Sydney Park is a fun way to get fit and healthy

Do exercises that make you sweat!

Sweat is a top indicator that your body is preparing to cool itself. This indirectly indicates that the core temperature and the BMR (Basal metabolic rate) of your body are increasing. If you are not in an air conditioned room and are not sweating then it means that you are not working out hard enough. Do exercises which are high on intensity and do more reps of the same exercise. Seek the assistance of your Sydney Park personal fitness trainer or hire a new trainer.

Word of caution

A personal trainer in Sydney Park is supposed to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you constantly have to keep reinventing your workouts then it’s a sign that you should think about hiring a new trainer. Doing unsupervised workouts is not recommended because you will not have proper idea of the correct exercise techniques and necessary precautions needed during the workout regime. For best results always work out under the supervision of a professional.

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