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Benefits Of Steel Clubbell Training For Children

The children’s personal trainer can help you strengthen your child’s legs a great deal training with steel clubs. However, the greatest value that the kids personal trainer can bring to you are to probably make you realize how important are your legs — both from strength and aesthetic point of view.

Legs are often assigned the least importance among all the body parts when we enroll for a training program or exercise at home. But legs carry the weight of our body and hence needs to be strengthened. You kids personal trainer can help strengthen your legs with a combination of exercises.

Here is how steel clubbell training can help you strengthen your legs:

Firstly, the trainer will have you examined medically to assess whether and how much fit you are to undergo physical training. Based on the findings of the examination, the trainer will assign workouts to you. Each exercise will be personalized and will be based on your medical condition and requirements.

Secondly, your personal trainer for Kid’s Fitness Training will help you identify the group of muscles that you specifically need to develop. For example, Basketball players want to develop their calf muscles while the football players want to develop their hip and thigh. The trainer will identify the muscle group that is specifically useful for you.

Thirdly, your trainer will take you through a warming up session with steel clubbells. A warming up session is essential before you start exercise because stretching of cold muscles can lead to injury, just use a light 2kg steel club to loosen up. A warm-up session will loosen up the muscles and prepare them for the exercises later.

Fourth, your kids personal trainer will identify a combination of exercises with and without equipments. The trainer will define the number of times you need to perform a specific set of exercise, the speed of performance, and the intensity of the exercises. This step is carried out to ensure that you do not injure your legs in any manner. Steel clubbell strength training can be of huge benefit if done correctly, always make sure your’e with a certified clubbell trainer.

Lastly, the trainer will assign cooling down exercises for you at the end of the session. These exercises will help your muscles reap the benefits of the exercises totally. Cooling down can be done by a combination of stretching exercises.

You need to find out more about the credentials of the trainer before you actually go on to enroll in a training session. You need to know whether the trainer is professionally trained in the relevant area and also has relevant certifications.

Personal Trainers Top Fitness Tips

Important Exercises Trainers May Forget to Teach Women

When you are working out with your Coogee personal trainer you can start lauding yourself that you have already taken a huge step towards fitness. If you are a woman you must be aware that there are certain muscle groups in your body that you tend to overuse. The workout you do should include several exercises that target these problem zones. Learn about exercises which your trainer might have forgotten to teach you.

Wall angels to strengthen your Trapezius

All those hours of lugging around a super heavy purse filled with everything from your laptop to lipstick will take a toll on your neck and shoulder muscles (trapezius). Do the wall angel exercise to counteract the damage. Stand with your feet wide apart and keep your back against a solid wall. Your arms should be extended out towards the side with the elbows bent at an angle of 90 degrees with the palms facing forward. Your next step will be to snake your arms upwards while keeping the rest of the body in a fixed position.

Cobra moves to enhance your back

Women frequently complain of back pain. If you have felt your back muscles aching then you can try out the cobra moves. You can even ask your personal trainer Coogee to demonstrate this exercise for you. Lie face down on the floor with your legs extended and the toes pointed outwards. Your palms should be kept straight on the floor. Make sure your shoulder blades are squeezed tightly together and then pressed downwards from the ears. You can then keep extending your spine and give your arms and chest gradual lifts while keeping your hands from the floor. Your feet should be kept touching the floor all the time.

Prevent ACL injuries by the tube walk

You will need a small resistance loop for doing this exercise. Just bend your knees and learn to sit back into your hips. Now try stepping sideways up to 15 times and make sure that the band is tensed all throughout. Make sure that your body is in the quarter squat position and your buns should feel the pressure. Once you master this exercise you can do it at home even if your Coogee boot camp trainer doesn’t practice it at the boot camp.


Strengthen your rotators by the plank exercise

Fitness boot camps Coogee might forget teaching this exercise to you but you need to master the side plank exercise if you wish to build upper body strength. Keep both legs extended behind your body and stand with about a hip’s distance between your two feet. This position should be held for a minimum of ten seconds after which all the body weight should be shifted on the other arm. Repeat the entire set of movements once again. Learn to do at least 3 sets of this exercise at one workout session and you will see a lot of difference in your upper body strength. Check out