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5 Kettlebell Training Tips

Kettlebell Workouts for Arms 

Kettlebells are usually preferred for total body workouts that tone all the muscles of the entire body. Even then, regular kettlebell workouts are great for upper body activation and stabilization. In fact, the off-balance shape of the kettlebell and its heavy weight compels you to put in more effort in each move thereby strengthening your grip, shoulders, forearms and the biceps and triceps.

The Kettlebell One Arm Row 

Begin by placing the kettlebell on the floor and stand in a staggered pose with the left foot placed in front just ahead of the kettlebell. Dig your right foot firmly into the ground and hinge at the hips so that your upper body is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground. Maintain a straight spine and thrust your butt outward.

Rest your left elbow on the left knee for support and grab the kettlebell by its horns with your right hand. Pull the kettlebell towards your stomach while retracting the shoulders. Return to staggered position and repeat. Many certifications will insist you master this exericse during the level course.

The Kettlebell Seated One Arm Press

This is a great variation of the standard one-arm overhead kettlebell press and is just perfect for toning your arms. The workout completely leaves out your lower body and uses the strength of your shoulders and arm muscles to move the kettlebell.

Begin in a seated position with the kettlebell resting between the legs that are spread out slightly. Grab the kettlebell with one hand and place it in a rack position while the other hand stays outstretched in front. Keep shoulders firmly down, engage the core and maintain a neutral spine. Now press the kettlebell overhead in a locked position and hold for a few seconds. Pull the kettlebell down to rack position and repeat. When you enrol in your kettlebell qualification, this will be the type of exercise you’ll learn.

The Kettlebell Halo

This kettlebell training is great for improving strength and muscle coordination in the upper body as it engages your triceps, shoulders, back muscles and the core. When done regularly, the halo greatly improves your focus and intensity and you get maximum impact with each rep.

Begin in a standing position with feet placed between hip and shoulder distance. Hold the kettlebell upside down by its horns i.e. the bell should face upward. Dig your feet firmly into the ground and hold shoulders down so that your chest stays thrust outward.

Now start moving the kettlebell with both hands in a circular motion around the head. Maintain a straight spine so that the torso never moves along with your arms. Go full way behind the head and in front in complete circles.

The Kettlebell Push Press

This is another excellent workout for toning your arms and upper body. In this you use two kettlebells which means double the fun and also the impact. You’ll find many great variations of this exercise online, try it for yourself!

To begin, stand with feet placed slightly apart and maintain a straight spine. Grab one kettlebell in each arm and clean them to your shoulder height. Now squat slightly and then rise in a rapid motion; using the momentum of the legs to drive the kettlebells overhead. Once locked in overhead position, lower kettlebells to shoulder level and repeat.