Workout Videos

Question: Which one has the best and fastest results?

Answer: I have shelves of workout videos and I always go back to the same one, which gives the fastest results with the least amount of damage to your joints (there are a lot of REALLY BAD workout videos that you can hurt yourself with). The original “Cher, New Attitude” workout. I have it on VHS – you’ll have to check to see if its available on DVD. It is a class and Cher is in the class. The class is taught by Australian Kelly Roberts, and she is EXCELLENT. It is in three parts: step workout, abs, and legs. The workouts aren’t easy but they are very safe and the results are quicker than any other workout I’ve tried. The only prop you need is a step. Karen Voight has some very good workouts, also, but I find them a little too challenging if you aren’t already in excellent shape. I also do a small set of yoga daily for flexibility and balance.

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