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Using the incentive system to get more personal training clients

Getting more clients and marketing your business is an everyday challenge for a fitness business. You have to constantly be on your toes and think of something different to market your business and gather more clients.

Refer-a-friend schemes

This is one of the most widely used and preferred way to market a service. The marketing technique used here is to offer your existing clients incentives such as tickets to a football game, dinner vouchers, shopping vouchers, free diet plan, discounts on your training services or free training sessions for a training you have introduced. This motivates your clients to spread the word about your services and market your business.

Celebrating the achievements of a member in front of the entire batch of participants also helps motivate and inspire others to do the same and get more memberships. You can also have a referral contest once in three months in which a bumper reward of an iPad, mobile phone or sports kit is awarded to the member who gets the maximum number of memberships.

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Offer discounts

Approach sports clubs or communities and offer them bulk discounts as incentives. This way you will have a group of people dedicated towards one common goal, wanting to avail your services. Although you are giving them incentives in the form of discounts for each member who joins you, it will ultimately be beneficial for you since there are a large number of people. Also any new member who joins their club or community will approach you for training services because of the incentives you offer. This is a good online fitness marketing strategy that is sure to have good results.

Engage your staff

If you have other instructors or junior trainees assisting you for training, offer them incentives in the form of freebies such as sports gear, shirts, shopping coupons, movie tickets, lunch coupons etc which will keep them motivated to bring new memberships. You can also inspire them to get more referrals by acknowledging their achievements in front of your other staff and awarding them as ‘Star of the month’.

Form partnerships with other businesses

There are various businesses like shops, departmental stores, sports stores, grocery shops etc around you. Take their help and have them display your poster at their shops. Ask them to distribute your flyers, pamphlets, business cards at their counters. This will expose your business to a great number of prospective customers. In return for this, you can offer them discounts on your services, freebies such as a music system for their store, mobile phones or sponsoring their annual outings.

Friends or Family involvement

It is a known fact that people who workout, enjoy exercising when they are in the company of their friends or family. Celebrate special events such as family/ friendship month. Give your clients incentives for getting their family members or friends during this month for training sessions. Your clients will be happy since they will have their loved ones working out with them for a discounted rate and they will also enjoy referral discount for themselves.

The incentive system is a great fitness advertising strategy for attracting new clients to your business. However, once you get new customers, you must be extra careful in retaining them with your expertise in the field and professionalism in attitude.